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Even more specific needs, quality and brand as well as the consumer behavior of the Muslim target group in Europe has changed significantly in recent years. They are becoming increasingly demanding and want to see brands that are specifically tailored to their needs on the shelves. This is your perspective as the operator of a Turkish, Arabic supermarket or a Turkish restaurant and our common business.

Ethno IQ offers its customers in Europe a unique combination of wholesale, logistics and service. As a partner of halal food and special ethnic consumers, ethno IQ delivers food, non food, beverages, electronic value and more. The focus is always on the individual requirements of the customers - with ethno IQ every Turkish and Arabian supermarket receives a full developed package with tailor-made services.

This makes ethno IQ a strong partner across borders!

We deliver orders directly to supermarkets, cafes, and kiosks.
Advertising support

Tailored advertising for the sale of your products.

We support 200+ markets locally with visual marketing strategies.